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Our Team


Crimson Lane Experiences is a partnership between meditation facilitator and Reiki master Francis M. Crim and producer, composer and mixer Robert A. Lane.

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Francis M. Crim

Co Founder  - Facilitator - Reiki Master

Since childhood Francis has always channeled healing light to his family and friends not realizing the energy was creating from his hands.  As he got older his connection to a higher consciousness became more prevalent and he began doing stress relief and healing sessions thru guided meditations using different music for whoever asked.


Francis was introduced to Reiki in 1994 not realizing he was already practicing the ancient art of energy healing and in 1998 became a Reiki Master.  After years and years of friends encouraging him to make them a tape for themselves to use over and over, Francis decided to do it but was missing original music to accompany the meditation. Fortunately, he met Robert A. Lane and once he heard Robert's music, he knew that was the piece of the puzzle he had been looking for. 


Robert A. Lane

Co Founder  - Composer - Producer

Robert started playing guitar back when he was 13 years old. As with most kids in LA, he played in various bands until he branched out on a solo career. Eventually, Robert started composing music for some short films his friends had produced. This led to more film students and independent film makers seeking him out to not only have him compose music for their movies but also to handle all the audio post production mixing and sound design.

When Robert met Francis M. Crim, he loved the idea to create music for meditation purposes. The idea of creating a soundscape for a guided meditation album, combining imagery, visualization and music was an exciting process. They partnered up to create Crimson Lane Experiences. Not only does CLE offer guided meditation albums, but Robert wanted to make sure each album also included a music only version so anyone can use this as the soundscape to do their own meditation, or just enjoy the music as a standalone album. 

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