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Our Mission

Crimson Lane Experiences is dedicated to creating positive products that assist in stress relief and promote healing through guided meditation with imagery with music as well as other inspirational products.


“I have seen several products such as this, but this one seemed to exceed that to which I have been exposed to before. I would especially find it useful in the medical field in calming patients before MRIs, and as a pre-surgical tool. It also might find use comforting patients undergoing chemotherapy and other such procedures. I would like the ability to use this in my practice.”

Dr. Robert M. Karns, M.D.
Internal Medicine Cardiology
Beverly Hills, CA


“After listening to your new, guided meditation, and sharing it with clients, I am happy to report that it has been very well received. It is absolutely the best that I have ever recommended. In my opinion, I think that it would be great for anyone who works in professions where their shifts change. It is perfect for anyone who just needs a little break to re-focus, or a few more hours in the day. There are so many applications for it! I hope everyone will try it.”

Delbert Smith, Ph.D.
Oklahoma City, OK


“Listening to Crimson Lane’s guided meditation, I was able to free myself of the distractions of the world around me. This CD is an important tool for relaxation.”

Samantha Kahn Hartman, L.Ac., Dipl.
Sherman Oaks, CA


“Stress is my number one problem and working in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry, I live with it every day. My Chiropractor plays a lot of meditation cd's in his office and I've NEVER heard anything even close to yours. I am telling everyone about this CD! Your music and guidance soothes my stress away and brings me to a place of well being, joy and energy. With all of the pharmaceutical placebos that doctors are tossing at us, I am so happy to have found something natural that works - with positive, beneficial side effects!
I recommend this CD to anyone who wants to be their best and get the most out of life. It's the perfect, compact daily dose of relaxation. It's a spa-like experience in CD form.
Looking forward to your next production.”

Erin Farrell

Vice President of Affiliate Sales

CRN Networks

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